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I call this work look: and if I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free

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let’s make out to the lord of the rings soundtrack 

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"This is the face of romance."  

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Madame de Pompadour and Amy Pond parallels.  Part 1 Part 2

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*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

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Mirkwood trio + faceless

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calling all musically-inclined english-speaking elisabeth fans!

i’m trying to compile an english recording of “milch”, and would love to have your vocal contributions. if you have a mic and you like to sing songs from elisabeth, please feel free to contribute!

here is a link to lyrics, backing tracks, reference tracks, my sample vocal tracks, and the audacity file with all the nice layers that you can mute to find your notes (note: the ‘bass’ and soprano 1 range notes are a little off because i can’t really hit them as well as i’d like).

please submit your vocals as an mp3 without the backing track. just your lovely voice will do! and feel free to sing for all the parts you can feasibly reach, and definitely try out for Lucheni! I’m going to try and pick the best-sounding one from all the submissions I get for Lucheni, so the more the better.

I record and edit using audacity, which is linked there if you want to use it to record as well. please note that audacity doesn’t automatically export as mp3; you need the LAME encoder for it. 

deadline for submissions is midnight on october 15, eastern time. my email is in the image. feel free to email or shoot me an ask with any questions.

thank you to schwarzervogel for the lyrics and piaadouwes for the backing track!

“Um zu leben musst du sterben.”

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Rehearsal ‘Ewigkeit’ in Paris

or will we forever only be pretending?

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So viel mehr (Reprise)-Lisa Antoni and Drew Sarich